In order to follow the detailed brief as closely as possible, a written document called a script is created that contains all of the movement, expressions, actions and narrated dialogues of the characters. This allows the creative department to align with the marketing team and account manager who have created a concept and a strategy for the client.

This concept is born from considering the following areas (among others): the current climate of the clients industry, their positioning in the marketplace, their plans for market share growth over the next 1-5 years and their allocated budget for the campaign.

Once this brief is finalised and signed off by the client we begin pre-production which involves passing the idea onto our copywriters who will draw up a fantastic script ready to be translated into a film by our production team.

The structure of a script follows the general rule in film or video production that 1 A4 page accounts for 1 minute of screen running time. The universal font for a screenplay is courier typeface (which has become an iconic symbol for identifying scripts in the media). The type must be centred and the names but be capitalised.

All dialogue is in the present tense and the document is structured in film terms. An example of the being it starts with ‘fade in’ and finishes with ‘fade out’, which are common visual transitions used to introduce and close a video production.

As scripts are the blueprints to those making the film from the minds of the people that conceived them? A strict guideline must be followed to ensure that they are universally readable and there is nothing lost in translation that could be potentially harmful in not realising an idea in the most accurate way possible.

Scripts are now created on specific software, as a way to abiding by the various rules needed to make them universally legible, in a shorter space of time so the writer does not have to disrupt their creative flow in order to follow strict guidelines.


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