Video Analytics & Strategy

Analytics & Research

How do you increase sales through education and brand authority in your industry? Where do you want to drive traffic for conversions? What is your ideal scenario for the branded content you commission?

It is no surprise that the answers to these questions greatly affect the concept and placement of a video strategy. We look at the back-end quantitative data before transforming this into the qualitative data that shapes our video strategy.

Our research phase allows us to identify clear goals for content creation so we can create a detailed plan to meet the original goal.


This is the part of the campaign where ideas are brought into reality. The electric feeling of watching an idea come to life through the relentless hard work of the crew is gratifying, although we know we still have a long way to go.

After the footage is captured, our post-production crew get to work on the animation and editing. This is a crucial aspect of the video, and often requires working creatively to a time-pressured deadline. Our editors are exceptional at remaining cool under pressure, delivering a great product every time that exceeds the expectations of our clients.


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