The platform USTREAM boasts: ‘If a viewer is watching a video that is being streamed live, they watch these videos between 6-20 times longer than on demand video’. This is an interesting statistic and I am sure you agree if this is the case, the streaming of live content by brands is something that should be looked into a little closer. Especially by those creating video content.

There could be many reasons why visitors do stay and watch these videos for longer. It may not automatically be because the video is engaging in its own right. It is a strong possibly that viewers are more forgiving to a video once they become aware it is live and therefore allow it more time than they usually would to become engaging compared to the average you tube video they come across online. This in turn affecting the data on the length of time the viewer watched the video before leaving the content.

However watching something that is being streamed live does undeniably have an element of fascination and excitement surrounding it. This excitement is created by the unknown and the uncensored nature of live television. As the cliche suggests: ‘This is live T.V!…anything could happen!’

Live streaming also has some other benefits that should not not be over looked. Live streaming taps into the same human need that keeps millions of people watching T.V every night despite nothing of interest to them personally being on. The same reason why millions of people are guilty of watching a film that is being broadcasted on television, that has sat in their DVD collection for years collecting dust. This need I am referring to is the sense of community. When you watch something that has been streamed live, you as the audience member feel a part of something. You feel like you are included in a movement and at the base of it you feel part of society itself.

However whether these attributes are enough to evolve live streaming online from a gimmick, only time will tell.

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