Directors, Camera Operators and Crew

All of our directors and camera operators have a wealth of experience. They are all qualified in practical filmmaking at a degree level of a 3 year BA or higher at world famous film school’s such as London MET and London Film School before moving into the film and advertising production industry.

Once entering the industry, they have worked their way up from Runner’s and Production Assistants to Trainee Camera Operators and Assistant Directors, before moving onto becoming confident and ambitious Camera Operators, Directors of Photography (D.O.P’s) and Directors in their own right.

All of our production staff possesses unique stories about how they ended up where they are, some of them come from a very technical background in film before moving into the creative side, where they can use their previous technical knowledge to break set conventions.

Others come from a very artistic background, studying Fine Art degrees at world-respected institutions such as Camberwell College of Art and Chelsea College of Art. It is here they moved towards the artistic medium of film, which can be seen in the highly creative work they produce for our clients.


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