Product Video Trends In 2013

In an environment as dynamic as the web it’s hard to know exactly what will happen, However here are a few trends that have been developing in product videos for some time:

Consumers will watch product videos as a key part of purchasing a product online

Consumers are increasingly researching themselves before making a purchase online, watching a video on the product their interested in purchasing is a key part of that process. According to research done recently-visitors are 34-85% more likely to purchase after watching product video. It is a safe bet that online retailers will continue to capitalize on this trend.

Mobile and tablets will continue driving product video

US consumers made US$24.66bn worth of purchases through their smartphones and their tablets in 2012. This was a 81% increase over 2011 numbers. another interesting element to this statistic is that more than half of this growth came from tablets. 40% came from smartphones and around 4% came from other mobile devices.

Since this trend is very likely to continue in 2013 , reaching your consumers through mobile and tablet browsing is key.

Product videos are ideally suited for the mobile medium because they offer a very easy way to experience and learn about products. It is important to create product videos in a compression type smart phones can playback such as H.264 which is a format that videos need to be in to play on the latest iphones, tablets and other smartphone devices.

Video will become a standard feature of email marketing

Video’s are not limited just to websites, emails are also an effective way of sharing videos with your customers and creating high conversion rates. Why bother your audience explaining a complex idea with words, when you can simply show it? This is a good phrase to remember and one that is applicable here as emails are a perfect platform for showcasing your product through video. A link to you tube or vimeo is key.

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