How To Make A Compelling Product Video

When the holiday shopping season started smartphone users were keen to search for the best deals they could find. Invodo’s data suggests that the viewing of  product videos on mobile browsing rose to 150% on the Friday after Thanksgiving in North America when being compared to the data collected in the previous year. Consumers are watching product videos because they get to see the item in action in a reality that compares very closely to that experienced when in a high street retailer.  A few seconds of video can tell the viewer far more than an image and some text. If you are creating product videos to help interested shoppers the following information may be useful to consider before producing this video.

Be Clear

Consumers do not appreciate having to work hard for the information they are after. One clip about a wide product line on a product page will be very confusing for the customer and will cause a lot of frustration and annoyance towards your brand, warns Invodo. If you don’t have the budget to create videos for every product in your collection or store instead try creating over views for each line and keep them labelled in a clear manner.


The product video is supposed to share as much information as possible about the product you are interested in selling online. A short clip that mentions one feature in depth and leaving out the other features will be ineffective. Make sure that each video covers a wide range of different elements about each product beforehand and stick to this formula when creating each video. Consumers watching the video may share this video with friends and on blogs and forums so include information such as dimensions of the product itself and avoid including variables that could change in the future such as price as this will make the video useless if this change occurs in the future.

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