Do you love the convenience of taking photos and videos from your iPhone, yet wish they were higher in quality just like your bulky DSLR camera?

If you have ever wondered if you could have the best of both worlds- the quality of image on a DSLR and the convenience of taking images and videos on your phone and sharing them with the world through email and social media-this article is for you!

A Phoenix-based start up brand have created a line of products for increasing your video quality when filming videos with your iPhone. You slide your phone into a case which has a an adapter to screw on a telephoto, macro and wide lens. This product also has a component so that you can screw in a shotgun mic and attach it to a tripod or another forma of grip you had in mind for your production.This is something what was started by the founder of the company in 2009 (Phillip Felice, Founder of Smart) and is now finished and ready for consumer use on the latest smartphones such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

Smart Phocus also just released the iPhone 5 compatible case and lens kit. Here is the setup:SmartPhocus Product Stills

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