This sector is based heavily on various conversations and therefore content marketing is key to driving sales.

Narratives based on positive or negative experiences

This can be an intimidating area for anyone within the industry but not one to shy away from. There is always the chance of a negative opinion regarding your brand or an experience a customer has had, finding its way onto a highly visible platform within the online space. When building a content marketing strategy, it is easy to overlook the possibility of these negative voices finding a way onto open platforms on the web and changing the direction of the conversation you are trying to have with your customer base. However being honest and humble in an innovative way can turn this negative into a positive and grant you a new found respect in the eyes of your audience. Customers sharing genuine experiences with one another, still holds a great amount of influence in this area.

Narratives based on passing on knowledge from experience. 

Experience led content should be vital to your content marketing plan. ‘To Travel’ communicates a contrasting mix of logistically dull and life changing experiences for anyone who thinks about this verb. With such a high contrast of feeling attached to this, it is easy to forget the degree of importance a human interaction has in this area. When there is such a high chance of the experience being remarkable or a disaster, people turn to others who have been in the same position to provide advice for the risky decisions they face.


Narratives based on travel aspirations uniting strangers 


This is the most underrated aspect of content marketing strategies in the travel industry and a very interesting shade of human behaviour. When you witness strangers conversing about their experience of a place that they both hold close to their hearts, there is an immediate change in how they see each other before and after the discovery of this shared passion regarding this travel experience. A new bond is developed between them.

Recently I watched the founder of a company called ‘ The Perfect Gentleman’ at ‘The Digital Marketing Show’ in the excel centre in London admit that to avoid chit chat at dinner parties and to form relationships quickly he always likes to talk about their favourite holiday experiences, for that very same reason.

Although this is an offline example the same applies online with customers in the consideration phase. A travel destination can hold significance in their mind for personal reasons only know to them. However strangers can be united by this shared idea, which can build communities with many conversations. All of these conversations have various hooks and angles for your brand to get involved in and position yourselves as thought leaders.

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