How to Calculate Corporate Video Production Costs?

The demand for the corporate video makers is ever increasing as it is the most effective medium to popularise a product or service and also retain customers for a long time. Short advertisement films, though they last for a few seconds convey the entire details about the product to the public. Companies follow the latest concepts that can magnetize customers. It is certainly the best way to make corporate marketing, advertising and communication live.

The advanced technologies that the production houses use did increase the cost of filming and other expenses. Experts such as Corporate Video Production Bangalore does involve in a series of activities to make the product launch a great success. So, what are the basic factors that help in calculating affordable corporate video production costs?

  • Duration of the video: The length of the video matters the most. The shorter the film, the lower the costs will be.Web hosting of the video: Hosting of the video on places such as the YouTube is absolutely free, but if the companies prefer to host the same on other servers, then the costs will differ.
  • Translation to various languages: When the intention of the film is for audiences of diverse languages, the cost of production will be higher.
  • Choice of filming locations: Shooting the film in single or rural locations will be much lower than preferring cities of multiple locations.
  • Cost of actors: Professional actors will charge more than a real company employee.
  • Cost of script writing: Approach freelance writers to make it cost-effective.
  • Camera or film quality: Choose the medium quality to control the expenses.
  • A voice-over or presenter: Choose a talented voice rather than hiring professionals.
  • Titles, animations, graphic designs, and soundtrack: The more techniques used to enhance vision will also increase the cost.

Considering the above mentioned factors, businesspersons can arrive at a figure of the expenses that would incur. By approaching Corporate Video Production Base Touch, you can ensure to deliver the best quality advertisement films that can create an impression in the minds of people. The perfection in rendering the concept using the latest technology through the high definition videos will be a magical touch to promote the company. Companies or business owners can seek the assistance of affordable corporate video production through the internet. So, why not make a quote of the price online and buy the right services?

  • Phillip Trevillion
  • February 15, 2013
  • filed in: Corporate Video

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