Whether you are creating video content in house or you are using a production company, we can offer our advice on your project on an external consultant bases. We can offer this in our 2 areas of expertise: video production and online video marketing.

Each key member of the production team has 6 years plus experience within the industries of television and advertising production. All members are used to working to challenging deadlines with some of the biggest global brands in the world today.

Within this time we have built up a wealth of knowledge that can benefit your project by identifying solutions to problems that may arise along the sometimes bumpy journey of pre-production, production, post production and distribution of your video content.

With an external consultant in these areas, there is no such thing as ‘ one size fits all’ approach as every project may have various internal/external teams working on it as well as a unique set of challenges to within the brief.

Therefore before stating how we can help manage your campaign from its infancy to its release, we have an initial meeting to discuss all details of the project and in what context we might be able to help and how. At times, only one specific department of the production team may be needed on the project. At others, a key person from all of the departments is needed.


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