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Khalil Emede

Khalil Emede

Specialist, Visual Communications presso Netflix

July 12, 2018, Khalil was a client of Phillip’s

I had the chance to work with Phillip for a large part of 2017 while we co-produced as Red Bull the Documentary ‘Part of the Game’ – a deep dive into the world of Esports. Our collaboration on an almost daily bases was seamsless, thanks to Phillip’s candor, will to solve problems and creativity. Those times we had an obstacle along the way, Phillip was always first in line to help in jumping over it and his responsiveness and dedication made it so that we could stop issues as we saw them appearing. I really enjoyed having Phillip as my counterpart and I definitely recommend him to whoever is looking for a badass producer with a positive attitude to his work and a proactive character that you can always rely on.

Matthew Phelan 郎麦楚

Matthew Phelan 郎麦楚

Head of Global Happiness

February 4, 2014, Matthew worked with Phillip but at different companies

I first worked with Phil when he was providing video for SEOcampaigns. I was so impressed that I invested in his business. A top guy and in my non-biased opinion a top company.

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