About Base Touch Shared Vision

  • Our process converts quantitative data into qualitative data to create high ROI video campaigns for our clients.

  • Tracked and ever evolving video campaigns to provide business insights on consumer behavior and most importantly conversions.

  • A full service from the early research phase, production and implementation.

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The team Board Members

  • Philip Trevillion

    Co-Founder and Head of Production. Phillip Trevillion’s background is in television and advertising. After gaining a BA in Film from Reading University, he worked for Sky News and several music video channels as Director and Editor. Excited by developments in online advertising, he decided to specialise in this area. Phillip loves the process of production. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion and the food and drink industry, and his focus is now on developing the Base Touch creative team.

  • Mathew Phelan

    Founding board advisor at Base Touch. From an analytical background, Matthew Phelan is a great communicator as well as an excellent visionary and motivator. He is well known in the industry, and was recently voted in the top 20 most influential people in digital marketing by the leading advertising and media publication in the UK, ‘The Drum’. Developing business insights from the data of video marketing, he found that video was playing an increasing role in customer traffic and set his sights on BaseTouch.

  • Chris Hyland

    Founding board advisor Chris Hyland is from a traditional marketing background. He was first attracted to the world of digital by the tangible nature of the data. Together with Matthew Phelan he formed 4Ps Marketing, which grew into a leading digital marketing company with more than 50 staff. Chris was voted amongst the top 20 most influential people in digital marketing by The Drum, the leading UK advertising and media publication. He is interested in the ever-changing landscape of online video and the position of the consumer within this space.

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